Welcome to the Center for Academic Technologies!

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Helpful Emergency Phone #'s
  • IT Help 582-4357 (HELP) - reset OtterID; classroom tech issues
  • Projector Issues in Classroom 582-3755 (8:00am-8:00pm)
  • iLearn Issues 582-4648 (8:00am-8:00pm) Center for Academic Technologies
  • 911 - Emergency
  • Night Walk 582-3573 (also, dead car battery)

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Startup Checklist - use this handy 3-page guide of time sensitive things to do to get setup for the coming semester!



Free Software for CSUMB Students, Faculty and Staff
(Click on the links below)

iLearn/Moodle is our campus' Learning and Course Management System that allows you to post online assignments, quizzes,discussion boards and much more.  

  • Use this LINK to access an iLearn website for New Faculty.

this is a document that covers basic iLearn CAT training.
We will keep adding to it based on user feedback.

  • Subscribe to the CAT and iLearn groups in MY...
    • CAT - (https://my.csumb.edu/cat) - all things CAT, including the CAT Muse, updates (you can post as well), questions, discussions, and interesting topics from the world of instructional technologies and resources.
    • iLearn - (https://my.csumb.edu/ilearn) - have questions, comments, suggestions about using iLearn - or want to share how you use iLearn? CAT staff will also be posting tidbits and other hints on using iLearn.
  • Order your textbooks here: http://textbooks.csumb.edu/csumb-textbook-identifcation
  • Instructors: Check-Out Tech Equipment from CAT Office:
    • For use by you in your classroom, we have video cameras, laser pointers, audio recorders, and other technologies. See  CAT Office Check-Out Form
    • For use by your students, see the Tech Rental program.
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  • Camtasia: Lecture Capture/Screen Capture  - Free for Faculty/Staff and Students for video and audio capture of PowerPoints, or anything else on your computer screen,  Provide audio feedback on student writing, or capture your narrated instruction or lectures and place in iLearn for 24x7 access.  Have students capture their narrated presentations.  It's easy to use from anywhere. Students have free access to Camtasia Relay for simple captures of their work..  Instructors have in addition free access to Camtasia Studio and Snag-it-- more advanced software that allows editing.  (Request here.)
  • Student Response System (Clickers)
    Make your Large Lecture Classes "Click." Devices available for rent by students. Use in your classroom to capture and project instant anonymous surveys to deepen classroom dialog---and also for instant "for credit" quizzes to encourage students to stay alert. More information here.
  • FREE Adobe and Discounted Microsoft Office Software for Faculty/Staff. 
    For use on your personal computers only.  Includes free Adobe Creative Cloud and $10.00 Microsoft Office Suite.  See Faculty/Staff Software